Pets vs responsability

Among all pets, dogs are extremely dedicated, loyal and friendly for people. Anyone who has ever loved a dog can testify to his devotion one hundred times.

Having a dog is not only a privilege but also a responsibility. Let’s remember about proper food and shelter for them. If you are considering buying a dog seriously think about engagement that entails having a dog. If you already have a dog, you must consider whether you fulfill all your obligations as the owner.

Happy and healthy dogs are the foundation. The following list contains some important ways and tips to be the best dog owner.

  • Commitment – remember, having a dog is long-term, emotional and financially costly. Before deciding that a dog is for you, make an honest assessment of whether the home has a place for the dog.
  • Evaluate your lifestyle – check out all aspects of your family life – hobbies, activities, personalities, schedules – evaluate the situation before the dog appears.
  • Prepare for your new friend – before you bring it home, make sure the transition is as harmonious as possible. Purchase food, treats, leashes, toys to make sure your dog or puppy has everything it needs.
  • Find a veterinary surgeon – you should choose a veterinarian for your dog as soon as possible.
  • Care – clean dog is a healthy dog. Remember to bathe the dog regularly according to his race and environment. Keep your dog nails short. If you hear a dog’s nails on a hard surface it means that it must be trimmed. Ask your veterinary surgeon for advice on trimming your nails. To prevent tooth decay and gum disease, clean your dog’s teeth regularly. Most dogs will accept a “toothbrush” if they are introduced from the puppy slowly and gently. You can also buy dog products such as hard cakes, bones, ropes to keep your teeth clean.
  • Exercises – dogs need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. Take the dog for a walk, run with them in the yard, abandon them to the ball – everything to move it. It will certainly be used for it health.
  • Socialization – take your dog to different people regularly. Take your dog to the park, to the zoo, for a walk around town. Train it to be friendly to strangers and behave calmly around other dogs.
  • The dog is left alone … – Your dog will want to be with you all the time, but for most people, it’s just not possible.

You are not able to comply with these requirements but you love your dog?! Do not worry … You have a helping hands. Do not hesitate, just call and we will settle all that for the good of our dogs. My experience is not just walking … I have knowledge about dog behavior, dog needs, fitness dog and much, much more all included. Tell me what your pet needs and I will make sure you are the best owner for your dog.

Best wishes.

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