Walking Dog Services in Thorney Village


I would like to offer my best support for my local community and inform about new services in our Village…

This blog will contain a lot of information about my work as a dog walker in Thorney area and about my best support for my local community. I love to be involved and I love to help others. I truly believe that I could improve my skills by developing my business here and in this same time offer some support and help for others, especially the elderlies in the community . Why the elderlies?  Because they need the most support for themselves and their pets.  I am here for  you,  for you familly and for our community. 

My business

My business relates to animals, especially dogs. However, I am able to deal with any animal. I am an animal lover. I have experience caring for dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters and rabbits, ect. I have worked with many animals and I am comfortable walking, feeding, playing with and caring for your pets. 

I offer a dog walking srvices. Your dog can have fun and release energy with a walk tailored to their needs. I can visit you and your dog for a free introduction to design a personal walking programme. I am also an energetic person with a flexible schedule and look forward to meeting your pets! I can supply DBS check and NARPS Membership Certificate. 

My names is Aleksandra I live in Thorney Village between Peterborough and Wisbech. I am here for you and your dogs. I wish to offer you peace of mind while I taking care for your dog. You can relax and make your dog happy in this same time… It’s easy, safe and cheap…

Be the best owner for your dogs… And I will be more than happy to help you accomplishing this task. 

More information you can find on my website. 


  Many thanks


~ WDS ~


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